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Value Proposition

At Blue Sigma Analytics  our model is simple--we partner with our clients to arm them with precise solutions for their business needs; delivered on time and within budget. Our value proposition is based on our ability to leverage business savvy and statistics competencies to enable success.  We provide professional services and end to end high quality, high impact, and cost-effective solutions for enterprises across industries.  We are familiar with a number of software tools, including Minitab, R, SAS, Statistica, Statgraphics, Visual Basic, et al. 


Blue Sigma Analytics works to build long-term relationships with clients based on quality, trust, and performance. 

Our analytic solutions provide a range of techniques and processes for the collection, classification, analysis and interpretation of data to reveal patterns, anomalies, key variables, and relationships, leading to competitive advantage.  Our capabilities for reducing uncertainty, predicting with precision and optimizing performance include:


  • Data Mining of large unfamiliar Big Data
  • Models pertaining to segmentation, promotion response, marketing mix/channel optimization, attrition/retention, cross sell/up sell
  • Basic and advanced statistical programming serving multiple industry needs
  • Analysis pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Text Mining – Build descriptive and predictive models and deploy results throughout the enterprise.
  • Forecasting – Analyze and predict outcomes based on historical patterns.
  • Optimization – Apply techniques such as optimization, scheduling, and simulation to achieve the best result.
  • Model Management and Deployment – Streamline the process of creating, managing and deploying analytical models
  • Econometrics